Zen Style

Zen 1 225x300 Zen StyleZen Style:

  • A closeness with nature and simplicity in life
  • Simple design
  • Create a relax environment, living spaces for well-being of mind, body and spirit.
  • Create a sense of peace and harmony.
  • Limited number of items in the room
  • Each item is carefully select for function, also for beauty too.

Indoor: (Explanation as below)

Space, Light, Order, Function, Simplicity, Harmony, Materials


Nature, Meditation

Use of Natural Materials:

Wood, create a feeling of purity and harmony in Zen interior.

Zen 2 225x300 Zen Style

Material uses are usually natural with light colour or at least a natural look materials.


Zen style keep furniture to a minimum, a small organized space can feel more spacious than a big cluttered house.

Objects are placed in between distance to add a sense of space allowance.

This allowance create a vision that is not distracted by overlapping shapes, line or colours.

This help to focus more clearly on beauty of each piece of object.

Space is kept & improved when floors and walls are left exposed. Windows are emptied or hang with simplebinds.

Colour is limited to pale colour. This will make a sense of order and space.


Zen inspired interiors using lights sources from both nautral and man-made.

Zen 3 225x300 Zen Style

It enhances the feeling of space and create a composed, calming atmosphere.

Creating different moods for different function in the room.


Zen is about searching for inner peace of mind in the middle of chaos of outside world.

To achieve the state of calm mind, a well organized home will make daily tasks (food preparation, cleaning andwashing) easier and spend less time. Also make it more accessible and pleasing to the eye.


Ease of use and comfort.


Away from complexity of life, reducing the numbers of objects around us will free up space and allow us torelax and think more clearly. Simple things in life such as a comfortable chair or beauty of a flower. Zen inspired home will find natural materials from mellow wood floors, white wall to plain colour plate.

Zen 4 225x300 Zen Style


To create spacious spaces, choosing furniture that meet the dimensions of our rooms in a soft colour.

A combination that we will find relaxation in our home. Materials that can connect us with natural world. Flowers, green plant, a piece of wood or a shell. Symmetry pattern with natural materials create a sense of balance and harmony.


Zen is relating to nature and being part of it will find peace. Soothing colour, wood textures, stone and natural fibres will lead to comfort. This also have to work with lights and space mentioned above.


Zen garden follow the same order of using nature and simplicity with harmonize for calmness. Usually, rocks and stones are partly buried with rippling designs for water. Real water also flow quietly in the pool. Flower is use sparingly and single flower created a isolation view that make us focus on it. Zen garden will lead us for relaxation and quiet meditation.

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