Finding the Right Solution for Your Bookkeeping Needs

 Finding the Right Solution for Your Bookkeeping Needs

A rule of thumb when choosing the right niche for your ideal customer is to look to the people your firm serves. This is particularly important if you want to become a progressive accounting firm. And the time they hang out in those places is part of what you’ll understand with good audience research. For instance, it is not cost-effective if you need to book more than one or two hours a month.

A bookkeeper can be hired on as a full-time employee or a remote contract worker. Another option is to outsource your bookkeeping to a firm (such as ours) that specializes in accounting services. Being set up for virtual work enabled many companies to continue conducting business and collaboration during the pandemic shutdowns.

Set up expense tracking

What they don’t get enough of is valuable advice that helps them solve their bookkeeping problems. Of all the bookkeeping options, outsourcing tends to be the most cost-effective for small businesses. This is because you’re not hiring a full-time staff member or being charged an hourly rate. Most small businesses don’t have enough bookkeeping needs to justify paying a bookkeeper year-round for their services. They may consider a freelance bookkeeper or an hourly bookkeeper, however, that might be just as costly. They also may not have as many resources as a bookkeeping firm or company.

Get in touch with one of our small business bookkeeping experts, and we’ll help you
move your business forward with confidence. From configuring the best ways to file your expenses to making sure your line items are correctly attributed, working with a tax specialist early in the game is one way to ensure that your filing goes smoothly. With over 100 years’ combined experience, our tax experts keep your tax how to meet your bookkeeping needs season predictable and maximize your savings. Properly building out your revenue model can be the difference between life and death for your company. With built-in support for tools like Quickbooks Online, Netsuite,, and Expensify, indinero integrates seamlessly with your systems. The advantage of using a freelancer platform is that clients actively seek a freelancer to help them solve a problem.

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They’ll typically charge their hourly rate, which is higher than a bookkeeper’s, because of the hard work in getting accredited. Bookkeeping consists of creating and maintaining an organization’s financial records. It involves consistently recording a company’s financial transactions, as well as the archiving and secure storage of financial documentation.

 Finding the Right Solution for Your Bookkeeping Needs

Such a system would be automatic and uncomplicated, instantly searchable on all content and would make it easy to analyze information and make decisions based on that analysis. Whether or not to outsource is a common question many small business owners face. Primarily, businesses choose virtual bookkeepers or local bookkeepers. Your company will, at some point, cross a threshold, so you’ll start focusing more on the generation of accurate, timely financial reports.

What is your experience as an outsourced bookkeeper in my industry?

Our account managers have an average of 11 years of experience, and are experts on helping young, funded businesses with their bookkeeping. But that experience helps our team go beyond simple, outsourced bookkeeping, and offer financial advice and due diligence help that other accounting firms can not match. By outsourcing your bookkeeping to us, you can save time and focus on what you do best – running your business. Our freelance bookkeepers are equipped to handle all your bookkeeping needs, giving you peace of mind and more time to grow your business. At The Finance People, we understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses and start-ups.

  • Plus, it costs half of what you could end up paying for an hourly bookkeeper.
  • Making the financial statements correctly mirror these dashboards is not as simple as it sounds!
  • For example, a program like Envoice is a data extraction tool that captures data from invoices and receipts and automatically inputs it into your bookkeeping software.
  • Take a minute to review when they come into make sure there are no unauthorized disbursements.
  • If you don’t have a finance background, building efficient bookkeeping processes and correctly tracking the right data can seem like a daunting task.
  • Incorporated small business owners may be able to take tax-free cash out of their corporation through the capital dividend account.
  • Don’t be shy about asking for a copy of their training certificates (confirm with their school too).

Use this guide to learn the 6 best strategies to get bookkeeping clients. But before we begin, let’s look at why bookkeeping clients hire you. Click on this link to dive right into the strategies to get bookkeeping clients. LinkedIn is a perfect place to network with business owners—your ideal clients. Apart from the regular sharing features, LinkedIn offers written, audio, and video features. You can choose whichever suits you best to engage your audience and build trust.

Do your own small-business bookkeeping

When payroll is then run for your company, it is automatically posted inside QuickBooks, pulling in allocated information from what’s on the timesheet. We set it up to code time at the economic unit, the customer or job level, so you can generate true profitability reporting by tagging each job. Ensure you, or your employees, are not buying things for personal use with business funds. If funds are not accurately allocated, it will quickly cause cash flow issues, as well as tax filing and auditing complications.

How do you know if bookkeeping is for you?

Bookkeeping is a great starting point if you are interested in the field but not fully committed and want to test the waters. You may also be an ideal bookkeeping candidate if you want a good job with a respectable wage and decent security but may not be looking for a long-term career.

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