Feng Shui Preparation: After Getting Your Key


The basic tips of Feng Shui preparation after collecting your Key

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We spend most of our time in our house. It is very important to have good residential Feng Shui in order to receive and harness the good Qi to support our endeavours in life.

Is the Feng Shui of a house really that important?

Feng Shui cannot change your destiny but it can change the intensity and degree of the ups and downs of a person’s life. With the help of Feng Shui and putting extra efforts into your endeavours, you can achieve great success in life.

Our Feng Shui implementations are blended invisibly into the interior design and layout of your house.

What you need to know?

A Feng Shui master/consultant has to personally visit the site before he is able to provide any precise conclusion or advice :

Feng Shui Audit

  • A complete house cleansing to remove the negative energies (Sha Qi) in order to harness the positive energies (Qi) flow in the house for improvements to luck and health, etc.
  • Advice on better orientation of main door, living room, stove, bed, placement of study desk and improvements to health, wealth, etc. Determine your lucky direction and colours, etc.
  • Auspicious dates for Open Door, Dong Tu and Xie Tu.
  • Auspicious date for Home Renovation (house ground breaking date), moving in, etc.

Destiny Analysis (using Ba Zi and 5 elements)

  • Ba Zi reading to learn about your personal luck cycle, career prospects, major movements in your life.
  • To understand your individual personality, strength and weaknesses.
  • To receive advice on your wealth, health, career, and/or relationship-related matters.
  • To understand on your favourable elements, colours, shapes, directions and auspicious numbers.

Submitted by Ms Yeo.

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