JAPAN Sanwa: EGO series hanger for bedroom and walk-in wardrobe

Hanging clothes

  EGO Series Want to maximise your wardrobe space but worried you’re unable to reach your clothes hanger? Now you can do it without worries, We have a few selections of movable hanger bars, slacks hangers, tie hangers and shoe rack. There is 2 types of finishing: chrome and aluminium. These wardrobe fittings are design … Continue Reading …

Directors, Managers & Executives: How to Have a Good Rests & Sleeps

Energia Bed (REV22)

  Sleep Perfection Sleep and Health Sleep takes up about one-third of a human lifespan. A good physical and mental health is symbolised by a good quality sleep, which, just like clothing, food, accommodation and transportation, is an essential element for a quality life. Improper sleep will result in vicious cycles such as loss of … Continue Reading …

Curtains for Bedroom

Curtain 2 WS2J0041

Pictures Credit: Summer Curtain Stylist LLP. Submitted by Home Hub And Living. For enquiry, Contact here. Vendors who wish to showcase their useful Home Products & Services, please visit HERE.

Chandelier Lighting for Bedroom

Chandelier Lighting for Bedroom 1

Pictures Credit: BL Singapore Lighting. Submitted by Home Hub And Living. Vendors who wish to showcase their useful Home Products & Services, please visit HERE.

Shoes Box / Studio Apartment Customize Bed Frame with Storage Compartment Review

Shoes box / Studio customize bed frame with storage compartment (opened)

  Also see other designs ideas HERE   Country Singapore House Location Balestier Road Type Shose Box, Studio Apartment Design Modern Contemporary Functional Designs   This features the shoes box compartment that is built in to the bedframe in one of the units over at Singapore, ‘The Verves’. This unique design allows the user to organise … Continue Reading …