Japan Sanwa Cosme Cabi: Ideal Slim Cabinet (Made in Japan)

Cosme Cabi 1

  Cosme Cabi – A  cabinet with soft closing door and aluminium finished internal by the depth of 126mm is perfect for storing small items in a tight space such as bathroom, main entrance, passageway or even kitchen and living hall. The height of 1500mm by the width of 450mm alumite treated body in matte … Continue Reading …

JAPAN: Radii – A one-piece wall mounted wash basin, using an eco friendly material “Acrylic Resin”


Radii – A one-piece wall mounted wash basin using an eco friendly material “Acrylic Resin”. A mixture of plastic and glass fiber also known as cultured marble, which is given a great strength compare with ceramic wash basin. It is finished in white matte giving a simple and elegant appearance, designed with the dimension of … Continue Reading …

JAPAN Sanwa: New Generation Wash Bowl

Cocco bathroom

  Cocco – The next generation wash basin made of resin concrete, it is eco-friendly material without emitting CO2. Resin Concrete has high resistance to acids, excellent in contraction and outstanding durability.     Cocco is embedded with a compact drain trap and a removable dish drainer basket. So you have no worries even if … Continue Reading …

JAPAN Sanwa: The Slimmest & Compact Wash Stand – The Perfectionist Master-piece


  Lepto – An innovative and slim compact wash stand that can be fit in easily even with very limited space. It has only 170mm depth by 450mm width. The environment friendly material “Resin Concrete” made wash basin offers two colors, black like jet-black and white like white porcelain for both standing and wall-mounting types. … Continue Reading …

Chandelier Lighting for Bathroom

Chandelier Lighting for Bathroom Pictures 1

Pictures Credit: BL Singapore Lighting. Submitted by Home Hub And Living.   Vendors who wish to showcase their useful Home Products & Services, please visit HERE.