Legrand Door Entry Kit Set

Legrand PI 316511 F viso colori Legrand Door Entry Kit Set Large 7″ LED Color Flat Screen Monitor



Legrand External unit Legrand Door Entry Kit Set

Weather-Ready Outdoor Entrance Panel

Door Entry Kit

The all-new Legrand hands-free video door entry kit set now comes with a large 7” LED colour flat screen monitor, viewing visitors at your door is now a pleasant experience with high clarity and bright video images. Energy saving and extended lifespan of the LED screen brings you more reasons to be happy with an environment friendly device. Stylish touch sensitive icons replace conventional buttons to speak, release door, and intercommunicate from 3 locations at home.

A standard kit set also includes a weather-ready outdoor entrance panel in metal for a high quality finishing that is ready for rain or shine, yet resists dust and condensation. Complete installation in no time with a power adaptor plug included.

Providing safety for your whole family is no child’s play. With the Legrand hands-free video door entry kit, getting that added sense of security is as easy as child’s play.

Also available as Audio Kit Set.


Highlights of the Kit Set

One family plug-and-play kit set with wall mounted panel and handset to allow easy installation

User Friendly Design
Touch sensitive push button with stable performance

Weather Proof – IP54
Aluminium alloy entrance panel protect against dust and water.


Information about Legrand 


Established as a regional office, Legrand Singapore is your source of informationfor the Sourth East Asia region. Legrand as the global specialist in electricaland digital building infrastructures, Legrand is well-established in Singaporeas a solutions provider across all verticals.


With the award winning designs and meticulous attention to details, Legrandproducts are well recognised for quality assurance worldwide. Offeringover more than 170,000 products, Legrand answers to all your requirementsraging from Residential, Industrial and Commercial projects.




Legrand 300x74 Legrand Door Entry Kit Set


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