Junior Suite

You have a new additional to your family and you decided to give your all to decorating the room up. We need to consider several factors when decorating a children’s room which, for a start, will they outlive the decoration of the room?

junior room Junior Suite

The basic foundation for the children’s room such as wall decoration, floor and style in a curtain can carry you through several years without making dramatic changes due to theme changes. Few yet simple adjustments will keep the room decoration as fresh as lively without burning a big hole in the pocket.

The choice of fabric shall be as lively as possible. The fabric chosen for the above room compliments the decoration of the room with multi-colors that will not make the room plain. We introduced Roman Blinds* into this room as it creates a full pictorial effect and will bring out the liveliness of this room much more rather than curtain.

Roman Blinds* are actually made from curtain fabric and it is similar to Roller Blind in terms of the operation. i.e it is raised up and down and jus good enough to cover the window. When it is raised, the fabric will fold into pleats and ‘stacked’ one on top of the other. As attached is a sample of the roman blind when raised.

junior room roman blinds Junior Suite

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