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Build from Strength to Strength with US! is an informative web magazine style portal dedicated to information related to different themes of interior design, interior decorating, furniture design, accessories, lighting, floor coverings, wall coverings, trends and news.

This site is design to be consumer friendly and evolve information around Home Products and Services.
Consumers will be educate on the products and services base on the articles and pictures/videos providing by the vendors. Hence having a good illustrations and interesting articles helps the consumers to digest the information easier and understand if they require the products or services.

This Home Solutions platform orgainize the home products and services into our 4 main categories.


Interior Designs & Facelift:

For home owners who wish to design their house. ‘Interior Designs & Facelift’ category assist the home owner to zoom in and discover the kind of designs they are wish to renovate. Inside, there are pictures and designing tips / advises, this further helps the home owner to have a better ideal hence decide to contact the companies / designers whom submitted the articles and pictures for enquiries, even on other types of designs and features. Beside New home owners, it is also inspiring for Existing home owners who wish to do home makeover or facelift (Example: kitchen, especially if it had been using for many years)
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Lights, Furniture & Deco

Lighting, Furniture & Deco category are a range of  products such as lightings, displays and Decorative items that install in different part of the house. Spaces and rooms like Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom. To further assist home owner on specific needs and inspirations on furniture and decoration, we have include spaces and rooms that perform special function: Study Room, Nursery Room, Elderly Room, Guest Room, Home Office or SOHO and even Entertainment Room. Inside, there are pictures and designing tips / advises, this further helps the home owners to have a better concept hence decide to contact the companies / designers whom submitted the articles and pictures for enquiries.
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Home Appliances

Home Appliances category feature electrical products for both functional and leisure purposes. It is categories into different types of spaces and room for specific needs. Example: Kitchen Home Appliances.

There are Cooking Appliances, Washing and Drying, Dishwashes, Cooling Appliances and other Appliances such Juice Extractor and Coffee Machines. Other Home Appliances solutions for different spaces and room are included Living Room, Home Office or SOHO, Bedroom including Elderly & Handicap.
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Home Services

Home Services category offer a wide range of services . For home owner convenience, we have categories into the following type Pest Control, Habitat for Pets & Aquarium, Cleaning Products & Services, SmartHome Automation and Security, Moving and Storage Solutions, Feng Shui, Home & Renovation Financial / Insurances, Energy Efficient and Environmental Friendly’s Products & Services, Services for Elderly, Plumbing, Aircon & Electrical Services, DIY (A “Playground and Toys” specially for the Handyman!) and Other Products & Services.
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The above categories offer a range of Home Products and Services. Vendors will be able to fit their designs, products and services in which matches home owners needs.


How do companies take part?

Understanding now that is a home owners friendly website. From the application point of view, companies can take part by submitting articles, pictures and videos of their products and servies base on the categories mentioned above.

Home owners will appreciate your designs, products and services better through these articles with applications.
The articles need not be lengthy as long as the content is useful for the home owners.

Example of articles like ”What kinds of furniture, lighting, decoration will match Classic designs?”, “Eco friendly artchitecture and interior designs for Condo and landed property”, “Latest cooking methods to reduce cleaning works and save time”, “Energy Effiicient and Environmental Friendly’s products & Services” or ”DIY solution for simple kitchen repairs under $100″…. ….etc



Click below to see other Frameless Door Applications including Kitchen and Space Partitions

Indoor Kitchen And Living Room Direct View Closed Frameless Door 150x150 Vendors Join UsFull View of Frameless Door Closed Position for Singapore Luxury High End House Balcony Creative Designs with Gas Charcoal Barbeque Grill 150x150 Vendors Join UsSingapore Private Property Fully Opened Frameless Door Enjoy privacy in balcony area 150x150 Vendors Join UszSingapore Frameless Door with Flying Door Design Brighter Living Room with More Natural Lights Closed Position Balcony View 2 150x150 Vendors Join Us

To Find Out More and Request for Budgetary Quote

Enquiry Consultant: Contact: +65 8223 4550


Frameless Door icon 292x300 Vendors Join Us

” Practical Indoor Designs Solutions with Flexibility Space Control Management, Frameless Door Offer Different Kinds of Creative Lifestyles in Today Limited Urban Living Spaces. For Outdoor Lover. Getting Nearer to Open Nature is Closer than You Expect with Frameless Door System for Open Concept Designs! “

Daniel Lim Applications Designer for Frameless Door Project




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