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 Design & Customize | Commercial | Residential | Marketing


In-house Factory Standard and Customize Glass & Metal works for Residential & Commercial Projects


Factory Specialised on Renovation related works

-Frameless Doors & Flying Doors (Glass Curtains)
-Balcony Specialist
-Wood grain type designs in metal forms for decorative / windows / doors, louvers
-Doors and Windows (including uPVC designs)
-Sound Proofing Windows
-Sliding and Casement designs Windows
-Metal Hand Railing
-Metal Structure and Platforms
-Stainless Steel Gate (HDB & Private Properties)
-Customize Structure for landed properties
-Exterior Aluminium and Metal Building Decoration/louvers
-Car Porch
-Driveway Gate
-Rooftop Garden, Trellis, Skylights
-Onsite survey and professional advice
-Others works relating to customize glass & metal works

& more….


This is for home owner who are looking for standard products or desire to have one-of-a-kind designs or size to suit their needs. With our in-house glass and metal works capabilities, we can helps you to customize your idea works.
Please fill up below form and send your desire pictures or drawing to us.


Create a touch of Designer Feel Finishes in your house

Click below to see other Frameless Door Applications including Kitchen and Space Partitions

Indoor Kitchen And Living Room Direct View Closed Frameless Door 150x150 ContactFull View of Frameless Door Closed Position for Singapore Luxury High End House Balcony Creative Designs with Gas Charcoal Barbeque Grill 150x150 ContactSingapore Private Property Fully Opened Frameless Door Enjoy privacy in balcony area 150x150 ContactzSingapore Frameless Door with Flying Door Design Brighter Living Room with More Natural Lights Closed Position Balcony View 2 150x150 Contact

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” Practical Indoor Designs Solutions with Flexibility Space Control Management, Frameless Door Offer Different Kinds of Creative Lifestyles in Today Limited Urban Living Spaces. For Outdoor Lover. Getting Nearer to Open Nature is Closer than You Expect with Frameless Door System for Open Concept Designs! “

Daniel Lim Applications Designer for Frameless Door Project


Home Renovation and Contractors Services

Home Hub And Living believe in blending unique and smart design fundamental in design requirements into an integration of aesthetics and functionality home. Transforming quality finishing into the beautiful habitus.

Make your dream home a reality.
Can’t make up the mind what type of designs and themes suit your lifestyle?
We work with Designers who will listen to you and lead you to your desire home.

Having your own Ideals?: Customize Interior Designs for your needs
Instead of finding a renovation package that may not suit your needs, tell the designers what your dream home to be.
Designers will pay attention and listen your details that meets your budget.

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Renovation Checklist:
What should home owner do when received key and preparing for house renovation?

1st your ID/contractor require your floor plan.
Theme of your house
Essential items you need to do ….etc
In the 1st few meeting, it is not easy to quote unless a ballpark figure as home owners may not even know what they settled unless they had long planned in details.
Renovation is like tailor a space, there are too many variation.

Please fill up your requirements in the form above or Drop us your email. (

A list for your preparations will send to you!


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