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HomeHubAndLiving.com is providing interior designing and renovation services with internet capability of sharing useful information on home products and services to home oweners.
A informative portal for home solutions and lifestyles.

This common ground is created for New and Existing home owner to find out about renovation furnishing or interior design ideals & home solutions. It is also an interactive space to view artworks from designers and discover home products & services vendors.

Assisting interior designs and renovation products & services for both residential and commercial including project management.

www.HomeHubAndLiving.com is an online platform for New and Existing home owners to find home related products and services to fulfill their desire plans and also solve their home problems with solutions.

Home Hub And Living also joint developed with established specialise windows and glasses factory manufacture for products in Frameless Folding Windows and Glasses.


In-house Factory Standard and Customize Glass & Metal works for Residential & Commercial Projects and project

Windows & Doors, Sliding, Casement
uPVC Windows & Doors
Glass Structure Glass Curtains, Frameless Doors and Flying Door
Balcony Specialist Metal Structure, Skylights, Platforms
Stainless Steel Gate (HDB & private houses)
Metal Railing for staircase
Driveway Gate

& more….


This is for home owner who are looking for standard products or desire to have one-of-a-kind designs or size to suit their needs. With our in-house glass and metal works capabilities, we can helps you to customize your idea works. Please fill up below form and send your desire pictures or drawing to us.








Past Articles:

Latest Frameless Folding Windows / Glasses System: Design Solutions for Home Balcony, Patio, Room Dividers, Home Office, Office Partition and more!


uPVC Windows and Doors for HDB and landed properties, Terraced House, Semi-Detached (Semi-D) House, Bungalow House or GCB)


Stainless Steel Front Gate Door for Private Apartments, DBSS and HDB: Customise Designs with Embedded Marble


Wrought Iron Front Gate Door for Private Apartments, DBSS and HDB: Customise Designs with select color


Custom Swing or Slide Driveway Gate and Gate Ornamentals for Singapore Commercial and Residential Landed Private Properties: Stainless Steel, Wrought Iron, Mild Steel and Timber


For enquiry and appointment on this product, Contact Us Here.

Vendors who wish to showcase their useful Home Products & Services, please visit HERE.

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