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  • Feng Shui audit on all types of residential and commercial premises.
  • Destiny Analysis (Ba Zi reading).
  • Premises Selection for residential or commercial and site selection.
  • Business Logo Selection.
  • House cleansing ritual for all HDB Flats, Condominium and Landed Property.
  • Dong Tu and Xie Tu.
  • Auspicious Dates Selection (ROM, Betrothal, Bed Placement, Customary Wedding, Open House, Open Ceremony, Dong Tu, Xie Tu, House Shifting)
  • Altar Table arrangement for Buddhist and Taoist.
  • Sending of Buddha and Ancestors.
  • Helping in healing for supernatural problems.
  • Consultation for personal, family, work, etc.
  • Overseas consultancy for both individual and corporate identities.
  • Yearly Re-consultation (Feng Shui, Ba Zi)


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