Pet Advise: Living Environment together with Small Animal Housing (Rabbits)


General Information: Rabbits make wonderful pets. Contrary to the common misconceptions that rabbits are simple-minded animals, easy to care for and good starter pets, they are actually highly intelligent, social and require almost as much effort as taking care of a dog. Rabbits are not recommended for small children. Many pet rabbits are abandoned and … Continue Reading …

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Remove Bad Odor and Smell from your environment: Toilet, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Nursery Room, Commerical usages and more areas & applications


This product removing bad odors by killing airborne bacteria present in all air-condition environments where we live, work and play. It’s protect user from airborne bacteria and thus revitalize the air, giving the room a wonderful light refreshing feeling. It will protect user staffs/ family by significantly reducing the airborne bacteria, viruses, mildew, mould spores and … Continue Reading …

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21st Century Furniture For Children

Mushroom Theme

DRESS UP YOUR ROOM WITH KROOOM! Made of at least 60% recyclable cardboard, KROOOM products are not just ordinary furniture as it may seems to you. With supported Patented Techniques and folding methods, our products are lightweight yet strong and durable. With this advantage, not only it can function as per user requirement, it also … Continue Reading …

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CMG: The Process of an Authentic Feng Shui Audit


What is a Feng Shui audit like? How should it be carried out? Is there really a need to buy those expensive crystals, jades and Feng Shui ornaments? For those who are buying property for the first time and wanted to do a Feng Shui audit for your new home, but are afraid of ending … Continue Reading …

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Feng Shui Preparation: After Getting Your Key


WHAT TO DO ? The basic tips of Feng Shui preparation after collecting your Key New House – Keys Collection We spend most of our time in our house. It is very important to have good residential Feng Shui in order to receive and harness the good Qi to support our endeavours in life. Is … Continue Reading …

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