Affordable Home Security System

Your home is probably the most expensive and important purchase you have made. foscam singapore 300x184 Affordable Home Security System

It is therefore wise to invest a little in a home security system that can keep watch on your home while you are away. Adequate home security minimizes the risk of burglar break-in or fire hazards, and ensure the security and safety of your loved ones.

Home security system does not necessary mean costly CCTV system with cumbersome wirings. The advancement of technology has made wireless IP cameras one of best ways to accomplish home monitoring at minimum cost.

With an IP camera, you can view online footage of your home anytime and anywhere on your 3G phone or computer over the internet.

When choosing an IP camera for home security purpose, it is important to choose one that boost an array of useful features such as :

1) Email alert on motion detection to notify you whenever someone enters your house
2) Infrared LEDs to enable night vision for 24 hrs monitoring
3) Ability to pan/tilt for coverage of a wider area
4) 2-way audio

One of the most affordable IP camera with all the above feature is the Foscam FI8918W. The FI8918W’s popularity is evident in its monthly sale of more than 20,000 sets in over 20 countries worldwide.

Foscam Singapore is the authorized distributor of Foscam IP cameras in Singapore.

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