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Singapore’s Pioneer in Renovation Ideas & Home Solutions portal with
Free 3D designs feature for Home Owners

We focus on innovative designs for architect & interior solutions for residential, commercial and industry properties projects through tailor make glasses and metals works. To serve tech-savvy readers for interior information and to enquiries our services, www.HomeHubAndLiving.com is setup.

Home Hub And Living brand website portal (HomeHubAndLiving.com) is specially created as informative web magazine style portal dedicated to information related to different themes of interior design, interior decorating, furniture design, accessories, lighting, floor coverings, wall coverings, trends, news and lifestyles. We cover all aspects of interior designs from the homeowner’s point of view, bringing inspiration to our readers!

Instead of flipping the magazine and searching around for ideas, in Home Hub And Living we believe new and existing home owners get to receive information on what’s new in interior design, furniture, decoration, appliances, tips and available types of solutions for your new house or turning a fresh new looks. Enriched with practical tips on how to achieve our readers desire home.

For designing space solutions for more multipurpose organize spaces which also helps control energy saving from award winning Frameless Doors System. Control energy saving for conditions like keeping living hall cool from controlling kitchen entrance. Thus use less energy to cool the kitchen area and continue to have a beautiful open kitchen concept. Smartly creating multipurpose spaces from big room or partition a room space such as living hall. Another design application is enhancing a much bigger balcony entrances designs than the conventional sliding doors which cover about 50% of the balcony entrances.

A Renovation Ideas & Home Solutions platform for New and Existing home owners.



Team Message:

Hub it! Home Hub and Living is an information portal.

We are introducing a Home Solutions platform for New & Existing home owners on home related products & services vendors to meet together. Everyone can discover both new ideas and opportunities for home related information.

HomeHubAndLiving.com is a BIG STEP forward.

You can find features of the award winning,  Frameless Doors System here, showing plenty of pictures and videos.
Residential and Commercial owners can find applications and innovation designs featuring in different high end residential and designer themed houses with a touch of creative designs.

We are proud to share portfolio of Houses and Apartments that are taken in Singapore. Especially for tight and limited floor area, owners who are looking for ideas and creative ways to maximise spaces, storage and decorate into their desire home! Home Hub And Living will feature and update designs and decorations.

It creates a new bonding between interior designs, lighting, furniture, decoration, home appliances and home services under one end-user portal.

Users will gain direct exposure to these designs and products, and be able to view different constellations of these items in a complete setting.

The setup of site is design to be Simple, Clean and Easy to navigate layout.
It lead users base on designs, products and services catagories. Users are conveniently able to navigate around the site through easy illustration. Thus browsing around the site and finding what user wants is a breeze in this neat and friendly environment.

We believe good lighting, furniture and decoration designs should blend well with the interior decor.

This would accentuate the charm of the art-pieces.

For vendors, both products & services vendors and designers are able to showcase their artworks and products in the same platform.
We are assisting users to different ideals and applications in a One-Stop Home Solutions platform.

We wish everyone will be benefit from this interested new approach of interaction between End-Users, Designers and Manufacturers.

The management would like to say thanks to all of the existing and future clients, who support us and love our services. Home Hub And Living will continue to serve our clients with top excellent services.
This is one of the many reasons why our clients recognise our reliability, prompt delivery and confidence in the services we provided.


Yours Sincerely,
Management Team of Home Hub And Living

Vendors who wish to showcase their useful Home Products & Service, click HERE


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Testimonials from satisfy happy customer facebook feedbacks and comments on made to measure Frameless Doors Glass Curtains Enclosures and Room Dividers or Paartitions for Balcony Patio Home Office and more About Us & Testimonials

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I had surfed quite a number of website but liked this. They have lots of nice renovation idea and will fit most of the properties types. Like the Frameless door for balcony that does not need to alter the existing track.

Bill, Manger

“       This website is very informative for renovation related matters. It definitely help us to understand and make decisions better, not forgetting they provided whole range of related services. Keep it up!       
Bryston, Punggol

“        Great amount of content and visuals. Your site gave me quite a bit of insight into what to look out for before making plans to renovate. Already showed your site to my friends and they have been browsing it for ideas ever since. Look forward to future updates!       

Nazir, Copywriter



       I like the way Home Hub And Living site is structured. I can find the information I want in a very short time thanks to their visuals in the website. This is one of the most comprehensive informational site I came across so far. Keep up the good job!       

KC Tan, Website Trainer

“        I had visited your website and find it pretty interesting. It have almost everything that one needs when they get their new house. The advertisements are so seamlessly blend into the rest of the site!  Very amazing!       
Lee Pei Ru



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