21st Century Furniture For Children


Made of at least 60% recyclable cardboard, KROOOM products are not just ordinary furniture as it may seems to you. With supported Patented Techniques and folding methods, our products are lightweight yet strong and durable. With this advantage, not only it can function as per user requirement, it also minimizes injury as compare with other materials. With an average lifespan of 3 years, upon discard, the cardboard can be recycled and reduce landfill issues.


Mushroom Theme1 21st Century Furniture For Children
















Castle1 21st Century Furniture For ChildrenDoll House1 21st Century Furniture For Children












 Other advantages for cardboard furniture are:

• Fully printable with waterproof coating

• Smooth around the edges (no rough edges)

• Write on/wipe off surfaces

• EN71

• 21st Century lifestyle – eco friendly with stunning designs

• Affordable package for theme sets


Farm Theme3 21st Century Furniture For Children


















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